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Dr. Yuriy Pershin awarded Brazil-U.S. Lectureship

Sponsored by the Sociedade Brasileira de Física (SBF) and the American Physical Society (APS)

Dr. Pershin has been selected for one of the 2017 U.S.-Brazil Lectureships, awarded jointly by the SBF and APS.   In July of 2017 he will deliver a series of lectures at the Federal University at Sao Carlos, Brazil on the topic “Nanoscale memory devices: Fundamentals and applications.”   This visit will also facilitate and promote collaboration between Dr. Pershin and his collaborators (Profs. V. Lopez-Richard and L. K. Castelano, UFSCar).
These lectures will address the physics and applications of electronic systems with memory that can be characterized as memristors, memcapacitors and meminductors (memdevices). These systems have a resistance, capacitance and inductance, respectively, dependent on the state and history of the system. It will be shown that this fundamental feature offers unique opportunities to realize computing and biologically-inspired devices and circuits where a combination of analog, digital and information processing functionalities is required in a single passive element.
More details about the APS Brazil-U.S. Lectureship are available at the program website.