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Solar corona from Svalbard total eclipse 2015

Total Solar Eclipse in Columbia

Totality will be visible at 2:41 pm on August 21, 2017.

After attending our public lectures on Friday, August 18 and Sunday, August 20, please click on the survey link below to share your feedback. Answers wil be anonymous. Thank you for your participation and enjoy Total Eclipse Weekend!

Public Lectures Follow-Up Survey

Check out the recent total eclipse preview video published by the USC Creative Services team!

Information for USC Eclipse Events Volunteers:

August 21 is fast approaching, and we are excited about our schedule of activities, which will require the assistance of volunteers! If you are able to help with eclipse outreach activities at USC, please take a moment to indicate your availability through the following form:

Volunteer Request for USC Eclipse Events

* A complete description of volunteer responsibilties can be found in the attached file at the bottom of this webpage entitled, USC Eclipse Volunteer Opportunities. *

Also, check out the volunteer announcement recently published by USC!

The total solar eclipse of 2017 will be a remarkable event, with the path of totality crossing from Oregon to South Carolina.  As the moon moves into perfect alignment with the sun, the darkest part of the moon's shadow (the umbra) will pass over Columbia, SC for about 2 and a half minutes, starting at 2:41pm on August 21, 2017.  The sky will rapidly turn darker than twilight, bright stars and planets will become visible, and viewers will see the wispy and faint solar corona  -- normally hidden by the bright glare of the sun. 

eclipse path

The City of Columbia will be an excellent place to experience the eclipse.  Organizations all across the South Carolina Midlands will be hosting special events throughout the weekend leading up to the Monday afternoon eclipse.  To learn more about the "Total Eclipse Weekend" in Columbia, go to and visit the events list.  Check back often, as new events will continue to be posted right up until the eclipse event itself.  See below for a flyer and info sheet about the eclipse weekend events.

Eclipse weekend events the USC campus will include:

On Eclipse Day, Monday, August 21:

UofSC Today Eclipse Features & Press Releases:

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"RSVP for solar eclipse training stations" (7-17-17)
"2017 total solar eclipse: UofSC faculty experts" (6-20-17)
"Dark side of the sun" (6-19-17)

Faculty, staff and students at USC are excited to share the eclipse with the Columbia community and the many visitors who will be coming to the midlands this August.  For inquiries about eclipse education events, community outreach activities, and media availability, please contact the USC Eclipse Experts.

More resources for eclipse information are available at: 

Total Solar Eclipse at USC

Total Eclipse Weekend (Columbia, SC)

The NASA Eclipse Site

Eclipse Info pages from eclipse chaser Fred Espenak 



PDF icon Solar Eclipse Viewing Locations Map PDF icon USC Eclipse Volunteer Opportunities *REVISED 8-8-17* PDF icon Photographing the Eclipse PowerPoint Presentation (Prof. Denise McGill) PDF icon Total Solar Eclipse PowerPoint Presentation (Dr. Varsha Kulkarni) PDF icon Total Eclipse Volunteer Training & Planning Session (Tuesday, August 15) PDF icon Eclipse Weekend Info Sheet (brief) PDF icon Eclipse Weekend Flyer