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Seat Addition Request


                 Seat Addition Request Form

  1. The Seat Addition Request is used as a data tool for our department.
  2. It helps us to determine which days and times are the most popular for labs.
  3. We will use this information to possibly open more sections in future semesters.
  4. Filling out this form does not guarantee you a seat or new section.
  5. If a new section opens in the current semester you will not be notified.
  6. Please continue to check back daily for seat availabilities on your own.

Override Disclaimer:

Unfortunately, we do not offer overrides for any of our lab sections. 

While they are still open, we suggest that you register for another section.

If all sections are full, you should continue to watch the section you prefer as a student may drop out of it. This tactic is particularly effective on the fee payment deadline day.

If you cannot get into a lab this semester, then you can register for the lecture now and the lab in a different semester; however, the lecture must always be taken first.

We will be offering lectures and labs during the Summer sessions, so please check there as well.


Department Contact 

Kelly Gibson                                          
Student Services Coordinator           
PSC 404