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Physics and Astronomy

  • Belle II Detector at KEK in Japan Dr. Hulya Atmacan, a postdoctoral fellow in our department, in front of the Belle II detector in KEK, Japan, where she is playing a leading role in installation, testing, and commissioning of the detector.more

  • Dr. Crittenden's lab

    Measurement of Magnetic Properties of a Thin Film Dr. Crittenden's Lab Photo by Fiona Oxshermore

  • Suraj Poudel at Magellan

    Astrophysics using Chilean Observatories Graduate student Suraj Poudel in front of the Magellan Clay telescope in Chile in April 2016. Poudel, Prof. Kulkarni, and collaborators are using Magellan and other telescopes to trace the evolution of galaxies back to >90% of the age of the Universe.more

  • Ultrafast Pump-probe Spectroscopy for Studying Nanoparticles Dr. Crawford's Lab Photo by Evelyn Wongmore

  • Faculty Awards Awards received by faculty in the Department of Physics & Astronomymore

Welcome!  We offer many opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students leading to B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees, as well as a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program and PostDoctoral fellowships over an exciting range of theoretical, experimental, and computational topics. Since the early 1800’s, our department has been a proud home of eminent educators and researchers; our past and current faculty include Professors John LeConte, Anthony Philip French, Yakir Aharonov,  Richard A Webb,  and many others. We remain strongly committed to quality and diversity. Please feel free to follow the links on this page and check out the great opportunities.