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Physics and Astronomy

Faculty & Staff Directory

Steven A. Rodney

Assistant Professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of South Carolina

Phone Number: 803-777-2599
Office: Jones 701
Selected Publications:

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SN Refsdal: Photometry and Time Delay Measurements of the First Einstein Cross Supernova  Rodney, Strolger, Kelly et al. 2016, ApJ, 820, 50

• Deja Vu All Over Again: The Reappearance of Supernova Refsdal  Kelly, Rodney, Treu et al. 2016, ApJL, 819, 8

• Two Type Ia Supernovae at z∼2: Improved Classification and Redshift Determination with Medium-band IR Imaging   Rodney, Riess, Scolnic et al. 2015, AJ, 150, 156

• Illuminating a Dark Lens : A Type Ia Supernova Magnified by the Frontier Fields Galaxy Cluster Abell 2744  Rodney, Patel, Scolnic et al. 2015, ApJ, 811, 70

Multiple Images of a Highly Magnified Supernova Formed by an Early-Type Cluster Galaxy Lens  Kelly, Rodney, Treu, et al. 2015, Science, 347, 1123

• The Type Ia Supernova Rate to Redshift 2.5 from CANDELS: Searching for Prompt Explosions in the Early Universe  Rodney, Riess, Strolger et al. 2014, AJ, 148, 13

Steve Rodney

Research Interests 

  • Supernova Progenitors
  • Supernova Cosmology
  • Peculiar Stellar Explosions
  • Gravitationally Lensed Transients
  • Space-based Imaging Surveys

Image: Galaxy Cluster MACS J1149,  site of the multiply imaged Supernova Refsdal, observed by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Credit: NASA, ESA, and S. Rodney and the FrontierSN team; T. Treu (UCLA), P. Kelly (UC Berkeley), and the GLASS team; J. Lotz (STScI) and the Frontier Fields team; M. Postman (STScI) and the CLASH team; and Z. Levay (STScI)